Product development

Our well-equipped development department, and its dedicated staff, provide our customers with that new compound others have found too challenging to develop.

The product development is driven by curiosity, boldness and the knowledge that what seems impossible at a first glance, rarely is. By offering innovative solutions, world class performance as well as cost saving options, we seek to inspire our customers to get the courage to be different.

Injection molding is the process most commonly employed by our customers, and thus we maintain a superior expertise for how to optimize our materials for this purpose. We also have a long tradition of tailoring products for extruded goods. Additionally our sister company Scanfill enables us to maintain the know-how for how to tailor materials also for film extrusion.

In close dialogue with the customer we offer creative and unique solutions, without being tied to a static grade line. 

Even with its now global presence, Polykemi remains a flexible alternative to the bigger compound producers on the market. Without the inertia of a large organization, the development department can quickly initiate a project for a customer, regardless if the compound is aimed for extrusion or injection molding, or whether the end product is found in automotive, white-goods, domestic appliances or any other application. In close dialogue with the customer we offer creative and unique solutions, without being tied to a static grade line. 

Laboratory and technical support

Our laboratory has a wide range of equipment available to support the scientific work necessary for the creation of new products. When external resources are needed for certain tests or specialist investigations, we rely on an extensive network of research institutes and consultants.   

During the development of a new and improved injection molding compound, mold flow simulations can help minimize costly changes in the later stages of a project phase. These are done in close collaboration with our technical support team. This team of injection molding specialists, is a key part of our repeated success with bringing new, improved compounds on the market. They not only contribute with continuous feedback during the development phase, but also stand for state-of-the-art technology support required for rapid implantation, when the material shall perform well in its form.