Ring magnet holder

Ring – magnet holder – NEO Smart trainer

When new innovative products are introduced, many demands have to be fulfilled. The process from a product idea to the launch is optimally done in cooperation consisting of the materials supplier and manufacturer and end customer. As materials supplier we have been fortunate to be able participating actively together with De Monchy  leading to the material choice SCANBLEND P AP2060 F30B.


The basic properties are good mechanical properties,  high dimensional stability, increased heat resistance and excellent UV resistance. 

End customer and injection moulder

The family company Tacx (est. 1957) in the dutch city Wessenaar by mr Koos Tacx and started out as a modest bycycle workshop. In 1964 a own manufacturing of exhausts for mopeds started and in 1972 the production of cylinder rollers started – just a glimpse of what to come… Tacx has grown into becoming an absolute state of the art world class innovator, developer and producer of  training gear for the cycle spoort with an immense passion for the sport of cycling. The company’s main strength lies in the fact that practically everything is manufactured in-house. But the drive to constantly innovate and improve is particularly embedded in the family’s DNA. Innovation runs through the Tacx’ veins. Ideas for new products can be produced, tested and perfected at high speed. The company today has more than 120 employees and the products are sold all over the world in more than 80 countries.


A complex demand picture with general demands for mechanical properties, excellent dimensional stability and UV- resistance.

Manufacturing process: Injection moulding

Tacx N.V.
Rijksstraatweg 52
NL-2241 BW Wassenaar.
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 70 51 19 259



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