Lazer equipments for fork lift trucks

SCANLON A 6005 (PA/ABS) redeye – lazer equipments for fork lift trucks

When new innovative products are introduced, many demands have to be fulfilled. This is optimally done in cooperation with the injection moulder, materials supplier and the end customer. Being the materials supplier, we have been fortunate to be able participating actively together with PLA-MEK and PALART leading to the material choice SCANLON (PA/ABS) A 6005.


SCANLON A (PA/ABS) 6005 black
The basic properties are high impact resistance and good processability. In addition also sound isolating properties and excellent lacquer adhesion

End customer

PALART AS – Norway
The company was founded 2012 from the idea to develop a lazer equipment for fork lift trucks. With the help of  “Innovation Norge”, together with other investers and a considerable number of working hours, a prototype was developed that came to be the end product of today called the”redeye”.

Injection moulder: PLA-MEK – Norway – Plastics with an added value.


The demand picture was complex with high general demands of the mechanical properties together with the major application specific demand being a excellent shock absorbtion ability, since the environment where the redeye is used is tough.

Manufacturing process: Injection moulding

Reference contact:
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Phone: +47 70 26 93 00
Fax: +47 70 26 93 10


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