Grab rails

POLYfill PP TOUCH UV Flex grab rails – Innovative design creating possibilities

When new innovative products are introduced, many demands have to be fulfilled. The process from a product idea to the launch is optimally done in cooperation with the manufacturer, materials supplier and the end customer. Being the materials supplier, we have been fortunate to be able participating actively together with Mouldex Plast AB and Etac Sverige AB – leading to the mateial choice POLYfill TOUCH.


POLYfill PP TOUCH UV white and grey
The basic properties are good scratch resistance and being grip friendly (even when being wet), sound insulating and a soft touch feeling. In addition the material has low warpage, a mat surface and is easy processed -even in thicker wall thicknesses. The materials are also available in food approved models.

End customer

Etac est. 1973 has grown to being one of Swedens leading developers within mobility equipments and solutions. Etac are active in Sweden but also in Norway, Denmark, England, USA, Germany and Holland. The export department sells through distributors to many other parts of the world.
Etac Flex grab rail is the ultimate choice when extra support in the bathroom is needed.  The modularity and flexibility of the grab rail give possibility to easy assembly into a lengths and shapes that suits you and your bathroom.  The material of the grab rail and its well-designed shape and surface provide a stable grip even if your hands or the handles are wet. The triangular shape and the clear grip increases the security.

Injection moulder

Mouldex Plast AB works with injection moulding of parts in both bigger and smaller sizes. The personal service and high competence  give their customers trust – both now and in the future.
Mouldex Plast AB
Estrids Väg 17 / Box 9093
SE-291 09 Kristianstad
Phone:  +46 44 24 64 00

Contact person: Mr Bo Andersson


Complex demands such as high general demands of mechanical properties as well as application specific properties – good grip ability, UV-resistance and high estetic demands. The appearance and surface demands  has resulted in high demands of a good processability even at a thick wall thickness.

Manufacturing process: Injection moulding

Reference contact
Etac Sverige AB
Box 203
SE-334 24 Anderstorp
Phone: +46 371 58 73 30

Contakt person: Mr Fredrik Gustafson


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