Front grills

SCANLON A6005 (PA/ABS) grills Valtra T-Series tractors
Innovative design creating possibilities

When new innovative products are introduced, many demands have to be fulfilled. This is optimally done in cooperation with the injection moulder, materials supplier and the end customer. Being the materials supplier, we have been fortunate to be able participating actively together with  MSK Plast Oy and AGCO Valtra Tractor leading to the material choice SCANLON A6005.


SCANLON A (PA/ABS) 6005 Natural
The basic properties are high impact resistance and good processability. In addition also sound isolating properties and excellent lacquer adhesion.

End customer

AGCO Valtra Tractor
The first tractors were manufactured 1951 under the name Valmet in a former weapons factory in Tourula – Finland. Today more than 24.000 customer adapted tractors are produced in state of the art factories in Finland and Brazil and are sold in more than 75 countries. The company currently have more than 2100 employees within ao  production, product development and service.

Injection moulder

MSK Plast Oy Finland
A broad expertise, a versatile product range and an efficient process have made MSK Plast one of Finland’s leading contract manufacturers of plastic. Services also include surface finish and the sub assembly of reaction molded and injection reaction molded components.


The demand picture was complex with high general demands of the mechanical properties together with the major application specific demand being an excellent lacquer adhesion – all since most grilles are lacquered in accordance with the customer demands.

Manufacturing process: Injection moulding

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