Flower pots, saucers and balcony boxes

REPRO and REZYcom in flower pots, saucers and balcony boxes from Orthex Group and Hammarplast.

Beautiful pots, saucers and balcony boxes in numerous sizes & colours with all the benefits of plastics. Light weight, easy to clean and resistant to low temperatures making it possible to have them outdoors also during winter time.


REPRO PP R820 Black
REZYcom PP R35000 Terracotta


A combination of neccesary mechanical properties & high flowability.


The materials were developed with the idea in mind to combine recycling and environmental compatibility with mechanical properties and high flowability.

Manufacturing process

Injection moulding

End customer

Orthex Group – Sweden
Orthex Group is the leading nordic producer of household appliances making everyday life easier. They have a long tradition of manufacturing and marketing of household products.

The group today is operating as one company and is originated in Sveico AB, Hammarplast Consumer AB and Oy Orthex AB. Total turnover is approximately M € 60 and the total number of employees is more than 300.

orthexgroup.com  |  info@orthexgroup.com

Inspiration Eden Botanica båthus


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