Electrical sockets outlets and switches

Electrical socket outlets and switches for the Hydro series

The New Hydro switches and sockets can be used in the garage, the cellar, a workshop or the garden house – and even in the utility room or storage area. There are also extensive possibilities for outdoor applications. A switch for the swimming pool lights, the garden lighting – all possible! With New Hydro, your comfort is guaranteed safely, indoors and outdoors and all year-round.

End customer

Niko Belgium lluminating ideas is a family company founded 1919 by the De Backer brothers. Today Niko is a multinational company having over 5000 products, with 800 employees and a turnover of 120 million EUR.


A combination of good mechanical properties in accurate colour with sufficient UV resistance.


The project started some years ago and after a good cooperation regarding the demand pictures for all materials, some sample deliveries and thorough test proceedings at Niko, we started deliver series volumes 2010.


POLYfill PP HBK1501515 UV Grey for the boxes
POLYabs H00 UV Grey for buttons and lids

Manufacturing process: Injection moulding

Reference contact:
Niko Belgium
Industriepark 40
BE-9100 Sint Niklaas
Tel +32 3 778 90 00
Fax +32 3 777 7120


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