Buckets for powder, granulates and pellets

Buckets for powders,granules & pellets for material handling systems

The material choice for buckets for material handling systems within the process industry include general demands regarding mechanical properties, as well as application specific demands for food approvals and permanent antistatics properties.

POLYfill PPH GF10030PD2 FA2 White
POLYfill PPH GF10030PD2 PAS FA Black
POLYfill PPH 100 PAS FA Black

End customer

Simatek Bulk Systems A/S est. 1981 are specialized in mechanical transports of fragile products in powder, granulate or pellets. Simatek bucket transport systems today transports for example powder, sugar, coffee/tea, wooden pellets, animal foodstuff but also seeds of grass, herbs, corn, rape, soya & pumpkins. A long experience has led to a wide assortment of solutions for oscillating bucket transport systems in different shapes & sizes.

Injection moulder

Schoeller Plast A/S combines 50 years experience of injection moulding with new competence & production methods, all in order to give complete solutions to customers expectations of quality, ecconomy & environmental issues. A total supplier from mould design/manufacture, purchase, production, quality control & recycling.
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A combination of good mechanical properties in accurate colors & product specific demands for food approvals and permanent antistatic properties.


in addition to the general demands on the mechanical properties of the materials there was also specific demands on the dimensional stability & a good combination of stiffness & impact resistance. Over time also the demands for food approvals & and permanent antistatic properties has increased.

Manufacturing process: Injection moulding

Tests: In cases – food approvals in accordance to EU directive 10/2011/EC and FDA (USA).

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