In our production process, known in the industry as compounding, we prepare plastic formulations by blending polymers, additives and strengthening components in a molten state – the end product is quality-specific and homogeneous pellets of plastic.

Modern and well-equipped factories

To ensure a high efficiency and quality specific production, it is important to have
modern, reliable and well-maintained equipment. Our core equipment consists of state of the art extruders equipped with so-called twin screw technology. Although there are still elements of craftsmanship in the process, a major part of the material handling is done using robots, advanced scale technology, and sophisticated systems for material transportation.

70% of our development potential is associated with people, and 30% with technology.

In our production, technology is important but knowledge is everything

Technology and technological advancement have always played a central role in our production. Developing and improving our production equipment is a continuous process. The best efficiency and quality development, however, is not achieved by concentrating only on technology, but by focusing on our employees. We have coined the phrase ”70% of our development potential is associated with people, and 30% with technology”.

All development, including technological advancement, is created by humans – our committed and knowledgeable staff is, without a doubt, our greatest asset!