SCANBLEND is a product family of plastic compounds based on PC/ASA blends. The materials are weather resistant with excellent mechanical and thermal properties.


SCANBLEND is a product family from Polykemi based on PC/ASA blends. SCANBLEND are highly weather resistant materials with high impact resistance and dimensional stability. Polykemi offers a complete program of SCANBLEND for injection molding. The products are available with, for example, multiple reinforcing agents, high gloss, heat resistance, and as antistatic grades. SCANBLEND is advantageously used in external applications in the automotive or electronics industry.

Raw material

PC/ASA is a thermoplastic alloy of PC and ASA components. ASA is an improvement of the well-known ABS plastic. Most properties from ABS are maintained, but ASA is significantly more UV resistant. Pure PC is a plastic with high impact resistance and excellent heat resistance. However, this plastic raw material may be difficult to process, for example in injection molding. PC/ASA has a great balance of mechanical and heat-resistant properties. PC/ASA is highly weather resistant.


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