POLYshine | PBT

POLYshine is Polykemi’s product family of plastic compounds based on PBT.


POLYshine is a construction material with high stiffness and strength, even at high temperatures. The materials have advantages such as excellent electrical properties, superb dimensional stability, and low water absorption. They are resistant to many different chemicals. POLYshine is available in a wide range of products, such as with multiple reinforcing agents and impact resistant grades. POLYshine is advantageously used in applications in the automotive and electronics industries.

Raw material

PBT is the abbreviation for polybuthylene terephthalate. It is a semi-crystalline polyester. PBT crystallizes easily, giving the material rigid properties. When mixed with reinforcing agents, the mechanical and heat-resistant properties of the material are significantly improved. At room temperature, PBT is highly resistant to a variety of chemicals. However, the plastic is damaged by strong acids and bases. It cannot withstand hot water at temperatures above 80 ° C.


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