POLYelast | TPE

POLYelast is Polykemi’s product family of softer plastic compounds based on polyolefin TPE.


POLYelast is a softer plastic compound based on polyolefin TPE. Polykemi manufactures materials with Shore A> 85. POLYelast is shock resistant and flexible. Polykemi offers a wide product range for injection molding and extrusion, which includes grades with mineral reinforcement, hydrolysis resistance or flame-retardants. POLYelast is available with high color accuracy. POLYelast is suitable for the production of vehicle components and consumer goods.

Raw material

TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) are elastic materials that consist of a mixture of hard, partially crystalline parts and softer amorphous parts. Unlike traditional rubber, these materials are not vulcanized. POLYelast is made of polyolefin-based TPE and is therefore similar to polypropylene.


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