Polykemi's complete product range of customized compounds

Our product range includes compounds based on thermoplastics. We offer existing materials based on long experience, but we also develop new materials.

Our wide range of products gives us an excellent starting point to offer optimal customized compounds, based on specified technical and economical requirements, from any of our almost 20 materials families.

The PP based material group POLYfill is, in the USA, produced under the trade name SCANCOMP.

A product range with almost 20 materials families

The base polymers in our customized compounds range from the partial crystalline thermoplastics, such as PP, PBT, POM & PA6 and PA66, to the amorphous thermoplastics, such as ABS, ASA SAN PC, and PMMA. In addition to these, we also have a large number of BLENDS among our families of materials, which means materials containing more than one base polymer. We also have the high quality environmentally friendly recycled materials families REPRO and REZYcom.

Technical project process profile

How are customized compounds made? It is usually a project-based collaboration between
our customer, end customer, consultants and mould manufacturers. We take into account a spectrum of mechanical and thermal requirements and, depending on the end-usage, select one or more suitable base polymers/ raw materials based on their respective properties. Subsequently, we suggest one or more reinforcements based on our wide knowledge of minerals. Some examples include talcum, calcium carbonate, kaolin, wollastonite, glass fiber or glass beads of different size/diameter and with different surface treatment.

The chemical requirement profile gives us an indication of which additives we might use to improve the material properties, for example, resistance to sunlight (UV), permanent antistatic (PAS), resistance to long term heat (VT) and many more. Finally, taking advantage of our long experience of pigmentation we agree on the color requirements which include both color tones and gloss. In the end of the process, the customer has a unique, customized compound which is ready to use.

Cost Effectiveness

Our wide product range, with almost 20 families of materials, also gives us the possibility to offer cost-effective production of optimally customized compounds. The total cost is an important factor to take into account and the more different material families to choose from, the bigger the possibility to choose the optimal material. The correct base polymer and reinforcements together with the accurate additive and color/pigment package, in optimal packaging, delivered from our Transport department Just In Time, gives our customers an optimal total cost.