Laboratory for checking material properties and color

In our well-equipped laboratory, we test the material properties of all our materials and ensure that they are produced with the right color, in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

A central part of our business is to offer our customers high-quality compounds with the requested material properties and color. To accomplish this, our laboratory has a wide range of test equipment. Our skilled laboratory staff has long experience and expert knowledge of the material properties of plastic compounds, which guarantees that the customers always receive the material we have previously agreed on.


One of our most important areas, which distinguishes us from many of our competitors, is color matching. Our customers place high demands on the compounds to have the correct
color and gloss. This is, therefore, a high priority in our laboratory. We have a specific department designated to color matching, where our competent staff is able to prepare unique pigment recipes according to our customer’s specific requests. Our expertise is highly appreciated and several of our customers come to our laboratory to produce their own new colors.

Development of materials

The development of new and existing materials is an important part of our business. To keep up with the market’s increasing demands on analysis and specialized compounds, our laboratory continuously works on improving the way we test material properties. Material properties like color and gloss, scratch resistance and static conductivity are becoming more and more important to our customers.

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Test equipment

In our laboratory, we can perform over 60 different tests of a variety of material characteristics relevant to our industry. The most common material properties we test include melt flow index, viscosity, impact strength, tensile strength and bending strength, filler content, flammability, and color. We can also dive deeper into our analysis using DSC, FTIR, GC, falling dart, HDT, VICAT, weather simulations, XRF and anti-static and scratch resistance tests. All compounds that leave Polykemi’s factories have been tested to meet the specifications we have agreed on with our customers beforehand.

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