REZYcom | Recycled Plastic Raw Material

REZYcom is Rondo’s trade name for customer-specific and custom-made compounds made with recycled plastic raw materials.


REZYcom is Rondo’s customer-specific compounds made with recycled plastic raw materials. In cases where REPRO’s standard range does not meet customer needs, Rondo has the possibility to tailor-make grades based on fully or partially recycled raw materials. REZYcom can be tailor-made based on a wide range of customer-specific needs, such as base polymer, filler content, impact resistance, flowability, UV resistance and heat resistance. Normally, the color is a standard black, but in some cases, a customer-specific dark gray color, for example, can be offered.

Rondo has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing compounds based on recycled plastic raw materials. Excellent traceability and quality control of both used raw materials and produced compounds provide consistent quality that enables use in an automated manufacturing process. To use REZYcom is to decrease the use of raw materials as well as energy.


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