POLYsan is Polykemi’s product family of plastic compounds based on SAN.


POLYsan is a product family of plastic compounds based on the SAN plastic. POLYsan has good transparency and high gloss. The material can be tinted in semi-transparent colors. Furthermore, grades that are hydrolysis-resistant, food approved or glass fiber reinforced can be offered. POLYsan is advantageously used in applications such as kitchen ware, packaging materials or food containers.

Raw material

SAN is an abbreviation of styrene-acrylonitrile. It is a copolymer consisting of about 70% styrene and about 30% acrylonitrile. The result is an amorphous and transparent polymer which has improved mechanical properties compared with the bulk plastic polystyrene. SAN has a glass transition temperature of over 100 ° C, which allows you to use the material in applications which has contact with hot water.


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