POLYlux | PC/PBT Blends

POLYlux is Polykemi’s product family of high-quality plastic compounds based on a PC/PBT blend.


POLYlux is Polykemi’s product family of plastic compounds based on a PC / PBT blend. POLYlux is a construction material with an excellent balance of stiffness and impact resistance in a wide temperature window. In addition, the product is weather resistant, heat resistant and chemical resistant. Polykemi offers a POLYlux product range for injection molding. For example, POLYlux can be obtained with reinforcing agents, improved flowability or increased heat resistance. PC / PBT is suitable for the production of exterior vehicle and white goods components.

Raw material

The PC / PBT blend is a construction material that combines the benefits of amorphous PC and crystalline PBT. PC is responsible for impact resistance at low temperatures and dimensional stability, while PBT provides chemical resistance and rigidity to the blend.


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