POLYfill | Reinforced Polypropylene

POLYfill is Polykemi’s product family of plastic compounds based on polypropylene, a rigid thermoplastic characterized by a low density and high chemical resistance.


POLYfill is a product family that offers a complete range of polypropylene for injection molding and extrusion. Polykemi provides a comprehensive product portfolio of POLYfill. We offer a number of different qualities with a variety of reinforcing agents as well as materials with enhanced properties such as high gloss, scratch resistance, low and high density. POLYfill HC is Polykemi’s extra-rigid quality of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene.  As always at Polykemi,  each grade of polypropylene can be obtained with high color accuracy.

The PP based material group POLYfill is, in the USA, produced under the trade name SCANCOMP.

Raw material

Polypropylene is a partially crystalline thermoplastic. The ability to crystallize enables short cycle times during manufacturing. The crystalline polymer chain results in plastics with properties like enhanced rigidity and high chemical resistance. Polypropylene is an excellent moisture barrier.

Polypropylene is a very useful plastic raw material. The properties of the polymer may be further enhanced by mixing polypropylene with various reinforcing agents. The materials are primarily used for household products and the automotive and white goods industries.

Polypropylene is manufactured by the gas propylene. The polymer can form a homopolymer or a copolymer. In the copolymer, propylene is primarily co-polymerized with ethylene. The composition of the polymer chain controls the melting temperature, stiffness and impact strength.


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