POLYblend | PC/ABS Blends

POLYblend is a product family of plastic compounds based on PC/ABS blends. It is a material with a unique combination of mechanical and thermal properties.


POLYblend is a product family of PC/ABS blends. POLYblend is particularly useful for industrial materials. A unique combination of excellent mechanical and thermal properties allows application in a variety of industrial segments. POLYblend has superb processability and provides aesthetic surfaces. Polykemi offers a complete program of POLYblend for injection molding and extrusion. The products are available with many different variations, including with multiple reinforcing agents, high-gloss versions, or plating varieties. The materials are used with advantage in automotive, household and electrical applications.

Raw material

PC/ABS blend is a thermoplastic alloy of PC and ABS components. ABS is a well-known and widely used thermoplastic. The material has reasonable mechanical and chemical properties, but its use can be limited by low heat resistance. It gives a glossy surface and has good pigmentation capabilities. Polycarbonate is a plastic with high impact resistance and heat resistance. However, this plastic raw material may be difficult to process, for example in injection molding. By mixing PC with ABS, a material with improved mechanical and heat-resistant properties is obtained as compared to pure ABS. The processability is better than pure PC.


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