POLYasa is Polykemi’s product family of plastic compounds based on ASA. ASA is an ABS-like material, but with improved UV resistance.


POLYasa is a plastic compound based on ASA. POLYasa has an excellent combination of mechanical and chemical properties. POLYasa is characterized by exceptional weather resistance. The products have high color accuracy and are available in a variety of grades, such as products with impact resistance or with multiple reinforcing agents. POLYasa is advantageously used in outdoor applications, in the automotive, household and electronics industries.

Raw material

ASA is an improvement of the ABS plastic. Most properties from ABS are maintained, but ASA is significantly more UV resistant. ASA is made by copolymerizing styrene and acrylonitrile in the presence of acrylic rubber. It is the acrylic-based rubber that distinguishes the material from ABS. Acrylic-based rubber does not break down easily by heat and sunlight and subsequently, ASA has a good UV resistance.


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