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News, Press release,24 January, 2016

Our high performance – PP based 40% reinforced compound (POLYfill PPH GF5040HC) – a member of our POLYfill HC family is currently used for frames for sun visors in Mercedes – C-Class cars. The material is officially approved in accordance with MB “Werksnorm” DBL 5404.45 & is listed on the APS-list (from 10-40% GF content.)

The POLYfill HC family has been on the market for some time, but so far mainly it´s been the furniture industry that has realized that these materials can be a workable strong option in areas & applications where the technical properties before has called for solutions in glassfibre reinforecd PA6 & PBT´s.

Now also the automotive industry is becoming increasingly aware of the insight that profits can be made – in terms of cost reductions but also energy & weight savings (up to 25%)

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