POLYfill PP HC GF – now a more cost-saving alternative to PA GF and PBT GF than ever!

Press release,28 March, 2017

POLYfill PP HC is our family of high performing PP–based compounds with 30-50 % glass fibers that can replace PA6 GF and PBT GF in many applications. Our HC-materials has already found numerous usages within the automotive and furniture industries, and right now it is an exceptionally good time to take a closer look at these materials!

The arguments for POLYfill PP HC are many:

  • Most technical properties are in level with PA6 GF and PBT GF.
  • It is possible to produce more parts per kg and every part will have a lower weight.
    • POLYfill PP HC compared to PA6 GF30 can give an approximately 16 % weight save – every 6th part for free.
    • POLYfill PP HC compared to PBT GF30 can give an approximately 25 % weight save – every 4th part for free.
  • Can be used in existing moulds in many cases.
  • Saves energy since it is moulded at lower temperatures.
  • Has a good dimensional stability – even in moist environments.
  • Is available in FA = Food Approved versions.
  • For most POLYfill PP HC materials, technical data as Moldflow or Moldex-files (udb or mtr) can be obtained from your technical contact at Polykemi.

Note that it is important to be able to cool the mould properly.

Send an e-mail or give a call to your contact at Polykemi today – it will be the starting-point for a profitable conversation.