Optimal focus on R&D – one development department turns into two!

News, Press release,27 February, 2017

The focus on research and development has always been one of the corner stones for us. The development department is a strong contributing fact to our front edge in the business. Now we take yet another strong step in creating an even more effective research and development department.

The new improved development department is divided in two sections; one external and one internal section. The focus of the new internal development department is to create new materials and start up new development projects, without interfering with the ongoing work and sample material production in the external department.

This means that customers can get the material samples even quicker, while Polykemi’s R&D team can continue to focus on new development and innovation. This increased focus required investments in new machinery, such as an extruding line, a injection moulding machine , a new tool for producing standardized test specimens and test plaques, and finally a dryer using vacuum technology.

– The size of the extruder enable us to produce of extensive series of smaller volumes with short lead times. The dryer is fast and effective which is required in order to conduct tests to the big series of samples we currently produce, states Mr Karl Banke, leading the work at Polykemi’s new internal development department.

One example of a development project placing Polykemi in front position is the POLYfill HC-family, a lighter and more cost effective alternative to more traditional construction plastics, with maintained mechanical properties.

Mr Karl Banke and the development manager Mr Henrik Eriksson are both very pleased with the outcome of this change.

– We hope that this change will provide a clearer picture of the future work of our two development departments. We also hope for a more efficient and successful development work of both internal and external development departments. All improvements should lead to many new businesses and a maintained leading position within the compounding industry, summarizes Mr Karl Banke.

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