Material overview for flame retardant materials

News,10 November, 2020

We have previously informed about the increased deliveries regarding materials for portable respirators. The PC/ASA blend SCANBLEND FS8 NH in that project is one of our flame retardant materials that are classified in a new way of presenting our compounds.

From a selection of our wide product range, you will now find groups of materials that are categorized according to properties and requirements of the application.

In these material overviews, the customer’s needs are the focal point and are based on successful projects where the requirements are the common base.

– This new material classification makes it easier for both us and our customers, says Johan Svenmo, technician and project manager.

– This means that we can navigate faster and more precisely towards the correct material choices, based on the application’s ​​usage and function.

This particular material overview includes flame retardant materials based on several polymers such as PP, PC, PA and PC/ABS. The majority of the materials have an official UL listing at a given V-classification and wall thickness, which is often a requirement from our customer and the end customer.

In addition to medical equipment, these materials are also used for components in the electrical, electronics, construction and white goods industries.

Other properties that our materials have been classified according to are food contact, water contact, lightweight and cost reduction as well as high density and acoustics. More information about these will be presented later on.

The material overview for flame retardants can be found here:

Flame retardent materials


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