Increased efforts on the french market

News,24 January, 2018

Now Polykemi has started a cooperation with the long term Swiss partner Dolder also on the french market.

We have been working on the french market for quite a long time and we do have substantianl experience, but to join forces with Dolder also on the french market will give new possibilities that the Polykemi brand, our products and our high competence will be even more known. Together we can offer an even more competitive concept with interesting solutions.

Some excisting customers will still be handled directly from Polykemi, but new prospects and future customers will be handled in cooperation with Antoiné and Jürg.

Team France can be seen below – but read more HERE


Jürg Lüthi – Sales Lyon & South part

Antoine Loué – Sales Paris & North part

Polykemi-Försäljning-Anders-Grankvist Anders Grankvist Polykemi-Teknisk-support-Petter-Schöld Petter Schöld