Historic machine investment at Polykemi in Sweden

News, Press release,10 February, 2020

Polykemi AB have made the largest single machine investment so far in a new and highly efficient extruding line. 

The new extruder line investment has given Polykemi even better possibilities to meet the demands of the market. The new double screw 92 mm Coperion has replaced and older line and is expected to increase production capacity on larger volume productions by up to 5,000 tonnes per year. It is connected to an automatic raw material handling system, further increasing the accuracy of the recipes and improving the already high quality of the products.

– Now we have reached a new level of efficiency that have further increased the accuracy of our products. We have also minimized heavy lifts for our employees, says Mr. Peter Åkesson, Technical Manager.

Thanks to the new machine investment, the total yearly capacity of the factory in Ystad has now increased to more than 70,000 tonnes.

– This new production line is today our most productive unit. It is an asset for both the Polykemi Group and for our customers, states Mr. Peter Åkesson.

Automatic raw material handling system Polykemi

The new extruder is connected to an automatic raw material handling system minimizing heavy lifts for employees.

In 2019, another new extruding line was also installed enabling production of even more high-quality flame-retardant plastic materials. Among other features, a number of high precision dosing systems were installed, enabling usage of additives both in granular and in liquid form. The demands for more environmentally friendly flame retardant materials is predicted to increase for example within the electrification of vehicles, just like the demands for highly reinforced grades, making it possible to develop more lightweight constructions.

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