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Material-smart, Press release,2 December, 2021

Polykemi AB supports companies in making smarter material choices

The Swedish injection moulding company AD-plast saves 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. This is equivalent to the emissions from 1,200 cars. The substantial savings are the result of co-operation with the compounding company Polykemi AB that can quantify all their material’s carbon footprint.

“This was exactly what we needed. We get immediate answers on how we can reduce our CO2 emissions through our choice of material”, says Michael Jonsson, CEO at AD-plast.

Polykemi AB conducted a scientific study during 2020 to analyze the climate impact of their materials. Since then, the study has been converted into a calculation tool and Polykemi can now provide their customers with information on the climate impact of their material choices.

This opens up entirely new opportunities for the customer to demonstrate the climate impact of their products.

“Polykemi helps us break down the material choice in greater detail, which is important for us. We are now able to show our customers the impact our product has on the climate,” says Michael Jonsson from AD-plast.  

“I’ve seen similar tools at universities, but they are very complicated to work with. Polykemi’s calculation tool simplifies this process and gives us as customer a clear answer, before we even make our choice of material.”

Michael Jonsson AD-plast Materialsmart Polykemi
Michael Jonsson, CEO at AD-plast.
Henrik Palokangas, Sustainability Specialist for polymer materials at Polykemi.

Polykemi uses the scientific study to establish the climate impact of a product’s raw material. The company’s sustainability experts will then help the customer to find the best material for the product, in terms of form, function, quality and sustainability. This allows their customers to considerably reduce their carbon footprint.

“The choice of material alone can save hundreds of tonnes of carbon dioxide and hundreds of thousands of euros each year,” says Henrik Palokangas, Sustainability Specialist for polymer materials at Polykemi.

“There is every reason for all manufacturers to evaluate their choice of material.”

Specified climate impacts in invoices

AD-plast has been working on sustainability issues for almost 23 years. The company’s sustainability journey began in 1998 with a 1% annual reduction in energy consumption, and by today, the company has reduced its energy consumption by approx. 70% for each kilogram of plastic. AD-plast is now able to save even more CO2, thanks to Polykemi’s solid work in identifying the material with the lowest climate impact possible, while also meeting the function and quality requirements.

“We always try to be at the forefront when it comes to the climate, the environment and sustainability. Being able to supply our customers with these types of calculations is a must for us,” says Michael Jonsson, CEO at AD-plast.

Polykemi’s simulation tool will allow us to take the next step and specify our customers’ climate impacts in their invoice. We are thrilled about this.”

Smart material choices benefit the climate and reduce costs

For more than 50 years, Polykemi Group has successfully developed and produced customer adapted plastic compounds, from both virgin plastic raw materials and high-quality recycled plastic raw materials. Thanks to the company’s extensive experience and knowledge, its experts can help the customer find the best and most material smart alternative for each application, and can establish the climate impact of the product and how significant the climate savings will be.

“The raw material chosen for a product is immensely significant when it comes to climate impact. The study can help us evaluate what major CO2 savings our customers can achieve simply through their choice of material”, explains Henrik Palokangas.

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About Polykemi Group 

Polykemi Group consists of the companies Polykemi AB, Rondo Plast AB and Scanfill AB, all based in Ystad, as well as Polykemi Compounds Kunshan in China, Polykemi Inc. in the USA, Polykemi in the Czech Republic, Polykemi Aps in Denmark and Polykemi GmbH in Germany. Since 1968, Polykemi AB has developed and produced customer adapted plastic compounds, based on both virgin plastic raw materials and high-quality recycled plastic raw materials.

About AD-plast

For more than five decades, AD-plast has been a turnkey supplier of moulding tools and small and large quantities of injection moulded plastic parts, all with the same high quality. The company works continuously to reduce its environmental impact, and since April 2008, the company has purchased only renewable electricity and biogas in its mission to reduce its carbon footprint.

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