Ambassador of the year 2018

News,20 November, 2018

We are proud to have been awarded ”Ambassador of the year 2018” by the city of Ystad.

We are thankful and humble for the wonderful motivation:

“Where someone didn’t see the possibilities, there was a man who saw a potential and a future. With his own two hands, a business was started which today puts Ystad on the map around the world.

In addition to the fact that companies are present and visible globally, we all come in contact with the company’s products:
When you drive a car, they are there.
When you wash your clothes, they are there.
When you are hungry for a salad, they are there.

For half a century, three generations have had the same mission: to make products better than anyone else in the world. Their goal is “Going for Gold” and today they are awarded with a gold medal as Ambassador of the Year 2018.”

Thank you Ystad Kommun for this lovely award!