The department of transport and distribution at Polykemi - how we work and where you find us

Our department of transport and distribution is responsible for the company’s deliveries to and from Polykemi.

Polykemi has many customers and suppliers inside and outside Europe. The plastic market is expanding steadily and we expect to grow with it. Because of our location, we need to optimize our logistics chain in order to maintain and increase our competitiveness. Therefore, we have chosen to work with suppliers that are well positioned to accompany us and we see great opportunities for reducing both costs and administration.

Here at Polykemi, we aim to establish a partnership with our suppliers that are effective in terms of service levels, cost, quality, delivery reliability as well as having the lowest possible environmental impact. We aspire to form relationships where both parties strive to improve our future competitiveness.

How does the department of transport and distribution work with the daily deliveries?

Transport logistics is about managing the flow of goods, resources, and information between
the sender, recipient, and transport company.

For departing goods, the department of transport and distribution ensures that:

  • Existing orders are booked in time for shipping.
  • The goods to be shipped are checked before loading.
  • All necessary documentation is available at the time of transport.
  • Transport documentation is forwarded to the carrier.

For arriving goods, the department of transportation and distribution works with our purchasing department to:

  • Plan for incoming goods
  • Control of arriving goods
  • Report any discrepancies

All suppliers or their carriers must book a time for unloading with the department of transport and distribution. See “Rules regarding consignments”.

Rules regarding consignments

Polykemi, which is AEO certified since 2009, uses all modes of transport available to us, ie by truck, ship, air or train. Most of our transport and distribution is by truck within the EU.

Where to find us

GPS coordinates of outgoing / arriving goods:

55°26’15.9″N 13°50’29.3″E →

Martin Flymén

Martin Flymén

Logistics Manager

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Andreas Persson


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Muhammad Ali


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