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The Department of Communication at Polykemi is responsible for Polykemi’s brand identity. It is our task to show and inform about Polykemi’s operation and activities.

This is done in different ways and in several information channels, for example via press releases and advertisements in both specialist and local magazines. Every year, Polykemi also attends a number of exhibitions all over the world, where the communication department is largely involved in the preparations. We also manage websites, news releases, social media and various types of presentations used within the company.


In order to increase the awareness of our company, we actively work with our brand to be visible and make an impression in the plastic industry. The goal is to generate more and bigger business opportunities in the short- and long-term. We want to be seen, inform others about our successes and have fun at work.

We have five words of value in our brand which is the basis of our marketing efforts; World Class, Innovative, Different, Family Owned and Caring.

Polykemi owns exclusive rights to its brand. This means that no one else, without our consent, may use the Polykemi trademark for commercial purposes.

We want to be seen, inform others about our successes and have fun at work.

Graphic Profile

Our graphical manual is helpful in our work with clarifying Polykemi’s brand. It will help to make the work on communicating our business easier and clearer, both internally and externally. 

The graphical manual contains information, instructions, and rules about the use of the logo, fonts, colors, values and other graphics. It also contains examples of how this is applied in practice to business cards, brochures, advertisements, corporate presentations and document templates.

Our graphical manual is available for download here:

Graphic Profile


Our company logo is the foundation of the brand, it is the central symbol for our identity. It is included in all our communication, to ensure that Polykemi is the evident sender. The access to our logo must be handled carefully and according to the rules and recommendations contained in the graphical manual.

Our logos is available for download here:

Polykemi Logos  ↓

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