Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability – CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is about the company’s responsibility of the impact of its own business on society.

Polykemis Sustainability Report

Polykemi Group has reported our sustainability since 2013 and we use the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.

You will find the lastest Polykemi Group’s Sustainability Report here:

Sustainability 2020

Polykemi Group’s older sustainability reports can be found here:

What does CSR mean?

A corporate social responsibility and sustainability work means that a company should take responsibility for how they affect society, both locally and internationally. This applies to areas beyond what the law requires. Sustainability work is usually divided into three dimensions: environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Environmental sustainability means that the production of products and services cannot compromise on the ecosystem of nature. Nature needs to be able to restore the reclaimed resources.

Social sustainability is about the company’s responsibility to society, striving for a society in which fundamental human rights are met. An example of this is to ensure that there are good working conditions.

Economic sustainability is based on the fact that the company’s operations and development do not negatively affect environmental or social sustainability. It also means that the company is profitable in the long-term, to ensure survival.

CSR-work at Polykemi

Since 2001, Polykemi has participated in various environmental and CSR networks. The networks provide the opportunity to discuss and develop environmental and sustainability matters with other companies as well as gaining knowledge for our own environment and CSR work.


The Polykemi Group plays an active role in the public debate in Ystad. Through various forums, we discuss the most important entrepreneurial and social issues with other business owners and municipal and parliamentary representatives. For Polykemi it is important to participate in the debate in order to influence and to create an open dialog with our key stakeholders – in the municipality. We also cooperate with a school where we can offer internships and information about different career options. Sometimes we receive visits from school classes so that they can get an insight into our work.

Ambient environment

By ambient environment, we refer to companies or individuals living or staying close to our operations. Because our manufacturing activities are ongoing around the clock, it is primarily three things that can be affected by us: transportation by trucks, noise and plastic smell. To minimize the damage to our environment, we have a single access road to Polykemi for trucks. As noise and plastic smell are concerned, there are various controlling programs (internal procedures), which ensure that we are acting within the given rules and restrictions.

Polykemi sponsor student’s education and help with teaching English at a private school for migrant children near our Kunshan factory.

Our sponsorships

We also have a big social commitment to the local community and culture. Below are a few examples of Polykemi’s engagements and monetary sponsorship efforts in sport:

  • YIF Handball
  • IK Pandora soccer
  • Öja FF
  • Hammenhögs IF
  • Charlo, soccer girls
  • GK Splitt
  • Marsvinsholms theatre
  • Project Solvatten
  • Hope – a cooperation between Karolinska Institutet (KI), Entrepreneurs for Good and Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Involvement in the local community, China

In China, there is a system called Hukou, for preventing uncontrolled migration to cities. In Hukou, you are entitled to social benefits, but usually only in the area where you are born. This means that the children of migrant workers are not entitled to education where their parents work and live. As a solution to this, there are private schools for these children, but the fees are high and education often does not reach the same level as state schools. Since February 2012, we have been involved in Xinkun School, a private school for migrant children located near our Kunshan factory. As a part of this project, we sponsor student’s education and help twice a week with English teaching as there are no English-language teachers at school.