Quality & Environment

Quality certified according to ISO 9001

Being able to create satisfied customers by delivering quality materials is the best guarantee for our own development.

Since 1994, Polykemi has been quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001. This means that we continually improve and adjust our business to meet our customers’ needs. We work actively with internal working methods, including reducing costs so we can deliver as cost-effective material as possible.

The Quality certificates for the Polykemi Group are available here  →

A vision for Polykemi Group is that we want to be perceived as “World Class” by our customers. This is described in our quality policy, along with how we will accomplish it. In summary, it means, among other things, that all employees contribute through commitment, participation, and high service, with focus on the customers. This is a personal responsibility and a way of thinking based on the Polykemi Group’s corporate culture and its values. Further information about our employees’ role in the company can be found in our Sustainability report.

Our quality policy is available here:

Quality policy

Environmental Certification according to ISO 14001

To continuously work towards reducing our environmental impact is an obvious part of our daily work.

Since 1998, the Polykemi Group has been awarded an environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001. The certification controls all our environmental work and we conduct a number of projects to continuously develop and reduce our environmental impact.

The Environmental certificates for Polykemi Group are available here  →

To respect the environment is for the Polykemi Group more than just following laws and regulations. Today it is an obvious part of daily work. We always strive to develop and produce different types of sustainable and environmentally adapted plastic materials. In addition to reducing energy consumption in our production, we work on selecting the best transport logistics to reduce CO2 emissions for our external transport.

These goals and improvements in the environmental area are summarized in an environmental policy that the entire Polykemi Group is working actively to realize. Each year, this work is reported together with other environmental performance in an environmental report for the Polykemi Group.

Our environmental policy is available here:

Environmental policy

Occupational Health and Safety certification according to ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety certificates for Polykemi Group are available here  →