Scanfill, a fully owned subsidiary to Polykemi, offers cost efficient and sustainable packaging materials.

Scanfill is a Swedish innovative knowledge company who meets the market’s demands on end products in world class, and focuses on environmentally friendly packaging material. Main focus is to polymer reduce with 50 % by replacing polymer with minerals. The Scanfill material’s biggest environmental advantage is the 50 % polymer reduction that is replaced with an almost infinite resource with relatively non-existing environmental impact. Scanfill BIO takes the packaging material concept to the next level where the polymer reduction concept stays the same but the polymer is 100% oil free, made from sugar canes. Scanfill grades are food contact approved according to 10/2011/EC, and are customizable for each customer’s specification and the application specifications.

Scanfill materials

All materials are optimized for specific production processes:

    •   Scanfill Sheet – sheet for thermoforming
    •   Scanfill Foil – granules for sheet production
    •   Scanfill Bottle – granules for extrusion blow molding
    •   Scanfill Injection – granules injection molding
    •   Scanfill Pack – granules for blown film extrusion

All materials are available with oil based PP or PE, alternatively with BIO based PE made from sugar canes. Various degradable qualities are also available.

Scanfill Sheet can be produced with up to a 7 layer structure to optimize customer specifications. The outer layers can be pure polymers with a glossy surface or Scanfill material with a matte, luxurious, soft touch surface. With a 5-7 layer structure, EVOH is included as an additional exceptional oxygen barrier. The sheet can be colored according to customer specifications with different colors on the outer layers when producing with 2 or more layers. Colors can be used to match assortments, differentiate articles or make products stand out on the shelves. All sheet rolls are produced according to customer specifications up to 900mm width and a thickness ranging from 150µm to 1300µm.

Many of Scanfills packaging materials can be modified for microwaveability, freezer applications, degradability as well as modified for specific stiffness, impact strength and mineral content.

Packaging material for the environmental good

Scanfill materials increase the green environmental profile of companies and decrease the environmental impact. Lower CO2 emissions, polymer reduction and higher productivity at the converting level are all great contributions to the environmental profile as well as the nature. Converters increase the output due to the high heat conductivity of the material and the energy consumption is reduced due to the special characteristics that Scanfills packaging material has. The potential in less food waste is good due to the enhanced barrier that the mineral in the compounded packaging material provides. All Scanfill’s packaging materials are fully recyclable through density separation and NIR detection.

Scanfill is quality and environmentally certified along and through the Polykemi Group according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.