Rondo Plast

Rondo Plast offers quality assured recycled plastic raw materials, with fully or partially recycled material as a base, for injection molding and extrusion.

Rondo’s business concept is to offer quality-assured recycled plastic raw materials. The company started in 1980 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polykemi AB. Over the years, Rondo Plast has accumulated highly qualified expertise and experience in plastic recycling. Rondo’s primary products are the REPRO program – a standard range which offers recycled plastic material, based on PP, ABS, PBT, PA6/PA66 and PC/ABS. In addition, the customer-specific REZYcom program is available – giving the possibility to offer a tailor-made solution for specific applications – and further on with recycled raw materials as a base.

Our REPRO and REZYcom range are designed and quality assured for an automated process within both injection molding and extrusion. This strong product program has been developed in a rewarding and close collaboration with the parent company. In this collaboration, we have succeeded in uniting Rondo’s substantial experience in recycling with Polykemi’s well known and established knowledge of technical compounding.

Quite simply, we have successfully established a well-developed collaboration that unites and offers the best of two worlds.

The need of recycled plastic material and environmental benefits

The interest for recycled plastic raw materials increases, both for economic and environmental reasons. The industry demand is similar as before and that it should have all the same properties as virgin materials, both aesthetically and mechanically, but at a lower price. It is a unreasonable and exaggerated requirement. However, it may serve as the starting point for new and successful cooperations. 

The industry and recycling, in general, is under constant development and by working together we can reach many desired goals in the end. Companies and their designers and constructors can gain a lot by considering the realistic properties of the recycled plastic raw material at an early stage in the possible various projects.

At Rondo Plast, we strive to live up to the high demands that are placed on us and that has shaped how we assure the quality of our product range. We put a lot of effort into securing the origin of the raw material. We can thus determine the quality level of the raw material at an early stage. Our quality and manufacturing processes are then systematically integrated into both the qualitative upgrading process and the following compounding process of the raw material.

Plastic recycling is a long chain where many different players and processes are involved. Rondo Plast, as a compounder, returns recycled plastic raw material back to the processing industry where it can be turned into new products.

We welcome new collaborators!

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