Polykemi Inc. (USA)

Polykemi Inc is a fully owned subsidiary of Polykemi and has since 2013 delivered customized compounds to customers in North America.

Polykemi Inc was founded in Delaware in 2013 and is a fully owned subsidiary of Polykemi AB. It is the sales company on the North American market and provide services to customers in USA, Mexico and Canada.

Polykemi Inc delivers the same high-quality compounds in North America as the rest of the Polykemi Group does from Sweden and China. Today we produce our compounds in collaboration with our production partners in the US, based on methods and formulations developed by Polykemi AB. 

A local supplier

Polykemi strives to be where the customers are, and this is also the case in the US. With local production and local sourcing of materials, we avoid unnecessary transportation and reduce our environmental impact. Being where the customers are means that we can be flexible both in terms of delivery times and compound deliveries. Polykemi Inc.’s goal is to bridge the North American market in order to deliver our high-quality compounds to customers both with local as well as global production. Our vision is to be the problem solver and advisor for our customers on the North American market.

In North America, our compounds are today manufactured in Evansville, Indiana. Our production partners have the same values and strive for the same high customer satisfaction as Polykemi does. Through our partners, Polykemi Inc. can provide the same wide selection of customer adapted plastic compounds in North America as we do in the rest of the world. We can supply you with pre-colored, high quality materials based on both virgin and recycled plastic raw materials.  

Our product portfolio includes compounds based on materials such as reinforced Polypropylene (SCANCOMP in North America), Polyamide (SCANAMID 6 & SCANAMID 66), ABS (POLYabs), PBT (POLYshine) and various blends such as PC/ABS (POLYblend), PC/ASA (SCANBLEND), PC/PBT (POLYlux). 



Production in our own US factory from first quarter of 2023

Polykemi’s goal has always been to start its own production in the USA and in April 2021 that milestone was reached. Our new factory in Gastonia, outside Charlotte in North Carolina, lays the foundation for further growth in the North American market. It is geographically close to many of our current customers, providing a presence that saves time, costs and the environment.

The factory, with an area of just over 5,000 square meters, is already prepared for expansion up to 10,000 square meters. It initially includes two production lines with associated laboratory and warehouse facilities. Production was started in the first quarter of 2023.

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