Polykemi GmbH (Germany)

For Polykemi it is important to have a strong position in the large German market. For that reason, we have for a long time had a subsidiary of our own staff who can be close to our German customers.

Polykemi GmbH was founded in 1990 and is centrally located in the city of Hattingen. More precisely, it lies between Essen in the west and Dortmund in the east of Germany’s Ruhr area. We currently have two colleagues working in the German sales office; Süleyman Karincaoglu responsible for field sales and Stefan Böhme, who is the administrator and responsible for inside sales. Stefan is also the one in charge of orders and suborders as well as having a coordinating role against Polykemi Ystad. In addition, Anders Svensson works as a sales representative with 100% focus on Germany where he travels extensively.

At the sales department in Ystad, there are sales representatives, sales assistants and technical customer support, all working with a special focus on the German market.

The German plastic market is enormous and the competition is tough. There are several competitors in our field of work; ranging from small to very large companies. As might be expected, there are many industries and, like Polykemi as a whole, we work primarily with  focus and great success with the automotive and white goods industries. Fortunately, our long presence, our technical know-how, and flexibility have given us an ever-increasing presence in the market.

Even before Polykemi’s subsidiary was founded, Polykemi had representation on the German market for a long time when we mainly worked with agents. One example worth mentioning is the long-term cooperation with Fa. Handelsvertretungen Heyng GmbH in Menden and before that also with Fa. Westensee in Hamburg.

Cost-effective quotes

At Polykemi, you always meet a skilled and knowledgeable staff who values ​​personal contacts. Together with Polykemi Sweden, Polykemi Germany has more than 30 years of experience in contact with customers and sales of customized plastic raw materials on the German market. Our German customers always receive quotes with the lowest possible total cost. Some examples of what is always included in the total offer are our technical customer support, our flexibility regarding packaging, support for JIT deliveries and warehousing. Our goal is always to be a reliable and predictable long-term partner for our German clients’ projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact Süleyman, Stefan, and Anders at our German subsidiary, they are always ready to take your call  →