Polykemi Aps (Denmark)

Polykemi understood early on that it was important to have a close contact with customers in the plastic market in Denmark, which is why we have been operating there for almost 50 years.

Polykemi Aps Denmark was founded in 1971 and the premises are currently located in Horsens in eastern Jutland. Two Danish colleagues work at our sales office there, Viggo R Frederiksen, in field sales and Ole Tietze in a combined role as a field sales representative and in technical customer support. In addition, they have some support from the sales department in Ystad, where both sales assistants and technical support staff assist the Danish market if necessary. The proximity to Polykemi Ystad also means that our Danish colleagues often visits, bringing both existing and new Danish customers.

The Danish plastic market is small scale and historically centered in Jutland, but is now located all around Denmark. There are many industries, injection molders, and end users, that we can work focused and successfully with. Our long presence, our technical know-how, and flexibility have given us a strong position in the Danish market.

Even in times before today’s Danish team, Polykemi was represented. For many years, two other people worked together on the Danish market; the buyer Lasse Dam together with the then sales manager Mats Persson. Mats always had a fondness for Denmark and the Danish ways, and both he and Lasse have become more or less legendary here at Polykemi.

Experienced and competent staff

At Polykemi we value personal contacts very highly, and you always meet with an experienced and competent staff. Polykemi Sweden and Denmark have more than 50 years experience in close relationships with customers and sales of customized plastic raw materials on the Danish market. As in the other markets, that includes quotes with the lowest possible total cost. This consists of, for example, our technical customer support and our flexibility regarding packagings such as sacks, octabins or bulk cargo delivery. We always aim to be a reliable and predictable long-term partner that caters to our customer’s current project.

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