2000 - Bulding the east factory

Bird’s-eye view of the extension of the eastern factory. A giant puzzle with a large screen roof and two storage halls were moved while 27,000 square meters of land was cleaned and prepared. The eastern factory was built in 7 months and at the same time, production was driven by LUBO shift.

2000 - Taxi to Portugal

Rapid transportation of test materials that led to our major deliveries to Iran until 2012.

2002 - Polykemi Czech Republic's 10th anniversary

Polykemi Czech Republic celebrating the 10th anniversary.

2003 - Arson

In 2003 a violent fire once again ravaged Polykemi, this time from arson, destroying one of our large warehouses for finished stock.

2003 - Hugoson Electronics

Because we simply cannot resist a challenge, we started selling “flat screen TVs” (LCD) in 2002 following a request from our plastic manufacturer Chi Mei, which was then the world’s 4th largest LCD panel manufacturer. It is said that greatness is shown by knowing when to quit and Hugoson Electronics was closed before Christmas in 2006 … Sad but necessary. And we did have some fun too – just look at the picture with Anders Hammer and his Porsche Carrera Cup car.

2003 - The North and South tower being built

The administration is growing, and more space is needed. A “showroom” is also required to showcase Scania details produced with our materials.

2004 - Chinese visit (Hugo with the Shanghai Vice Mayor)

As part of our exploration into the opportunities to establish ourselves in China, we received the request, together with TetraPak and Carlsberg, to receive a group of high dignitaries from China. There were many questions about trade unions and wages…

2005 - Going for Gold

As part of the company’s objective to always become even better—if you stop getting better, you stop being good—the Going for Gold project began in 2005. Together we formulated our vision statement for the future of Polykemi. We established six interim goals and in 2009 we will reach goal number five.

2005 - Wellness program

Wellness is what we do to feel better, avoid illness, have more energy and live longer. The company benefits from healthy employees, but it is even more important for us all to enjoy good mental health. Job satisfaction is good for production. In 2005 Polykemi opened a well equipped gym for its employees.

2005 - New Logistics office

The construction of a new transport office. In an attempt to avoid accidents and personal injuries, we managed to agree with Ystad Municipality on the use of the former military road, which is situated south of Polykemi, for transports to and from Polykemi. In connection with this, the transport office moved to new, fresh premises with video surveillance cameras and docking systems!

2005 - Hugo-hallen

Due to the 75th anniversary of the company’s founder and as a result of Hugo’s great passion for Ystad IF handboll club, the sports hall at the former LV4 military area was purchased and donated in Hugo Jönsson’s name to Ystad’s IF handball club. The new name of the hall is the HUGO hall.

2008 - Inauguration of Polykemi's Chinese Factory

In August 2007 we began production in Kunshan China. We began with four production lines with a capacity of about 14,000 tons/year as well as a small flexible line for quick delivery of samples and short runs.

2008 - Inauguration of Polykemi's Chinese Factory

Mats Persson and Magnus Lindahl, CEO in the reception.

2008 - Polykemi 40th anniversary

In 2008 Polykemi had its 40th anniversary. We celebrated with an open house on August 28 for invited guests, who later in the afternoon continued with a customer seminar with several interesting lectures. The day was capped with a banquet for our guests, who enjoyed excellent food, entertainment and a festive atmosphere. Earlier, all employees and their families had been invited to a grand family celebration, including a tour of the factory followed by games, magic, contests and many other enjoyable activities.