1971 - First agent

In 1971 the company took its first step outside the Swedish border. A sales company was created in Denmark and off to a flying start. Polykemi had now begun to travel down the international path in earnest.

1972 - Laboratory

It was already clear in 1972 that research and development would require a large base. Without a solid foundation, the personnel understood that they would be standing on shaky ground.

1973 - Oil crisis

Dramatic events unfolded in 1973. The Arab governments declared an oil embargo mainly aimed at the United States. Raw material prices for plastics skyrocketed by nearly 500%, which translated to a healthy profit from our sizeable inventory. Our business ties enabled us to make good deals which, unlike most parts of industry, allowed full employment throughout the oil crisis. Our sales soared by about 100% and our profit margin was the highest ever.

1975 - Fire at Polykemi

A history without difficulties or failures would hardly be complete. August 13, 1975, is a black date in the history of the company. A fire broke out that wiped out more than 75% of production and inventory. With the wholehearted commitment of our employees, who worked in production round the clock for almost four months after the fire, it was possible to convert an impending closure into growth.

1976 - New factory

By January 1976 production was in full swing at our rebuilt factory. We also began production of polyamide and polycarbonate compounds at that time. Our exports also took off that year.

1979 - Copenhagen

In 1979, in the middle of the Plastic -79 trade fair at Bella Center, Copenhagen, Polykemi arranged its own trade show in a pleasant Danish pub close to the convention center, a successful event that kept four bartenders hopping.