About Polykemi

Since its beginning in 1968, the company’s mission has been the same: to strive to produce the best custom-designed plastic compounds in the world.

From the start, Scandinavia was our main market and although it continues to be important, we are now active in most European countries, and indeed, all over the world. We have no aspirations to become one of the largest multinational plastic compound manufacturers in the world. Instead, we remain one step ahead by relying on our strength – offering a customized product line with such unique, creative solutions that no one is able to compete with us on equal terms. 

Polykemi is an innovative knowledge company that meets the market’s demands for world-class end products. Just ask our customers around the globe.

We accomplish this through our documented expertise in color matching, multiple reinforcements, and fibers in a wide variety of base polymers. Our strategy is to work closely with our customers, guided by our principles: reliability, excellence, superior problem-solving and long-term customer relationships.

Family-owned company

Polykemi is a family-owned company with more than 300 employees. At the headquarters in Ystad, we have all the functions of the company, such as sales, technical customer support, purchasing, administrative support functions as well Research and Development. In China, Kunshan, there is an independent subsidiary for sales, purchasing, technical customer support, production as well as research and development. In addition, we have our own subsidiaries/sales offices in Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic  and the United States.

The production in Ystad consist of a number of extruder lines, where our machine operators are independently responsible for the entire production process – from the mix of raw materials, fillers and additives according to customized recipes, extruder handling to the ongoing production control for the packaging of finished product. Quality control and continuous testing of production are carried out by our laboratory staff.

Our stock personnel is responsible for all post-processing of goods and handling of incoming and outgoing goods.

Polykemi has its own operations and maintenance department that manages all types of repairs and machine maintenance as well as the installation of new machines and peripherals. The staff at the operations and maintenance department perform duties in repair, electricity, ventilation and property maintenance.

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Polykemi AB, Box 14, SE-271 21 Ystad, Sweden
Visiting address: Bronsgatan 8

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