We have a wide product range with custom-made compounds based on thermoplastics.

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One of Polykemi’s guiding principles is to maintain close personal contact with our customers.

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Press release,23 April, 2024

Sharp innovation for the future

In a unique collaboration, the Swedish manufacturers Morakniv, Alleima, Rondo Plast and TK Pac have... Read more

About Polykemi

Ever since the company was founded in the spring of 1968, the company’s mission has been the same; to strive to produce the best custom-designed plastic compounds in the world.

Our production

Our manufacturing process is known in the industry as compounding. In simple terms it means we mix different plastic materials, additives and reinforcements. We melt it down, mix it and out comes plastic strings that we cool down and cut to granules.

Product development

Our well-equipped development department, and its dedicated staff, provide our customers with that new compound others have found too challenging to develop.